HIM Trimester Program on

Mathematical challenges of materials science and condensed matter physics: From quantum mechanics through statistical mechanics to nonlinear pde

May - August 2012

Organizers: Sergio Conti, Richard James, Stephan Luckhaus, Stefan Müller, Manfred Salmhofer, Benjamin Schlein

There is by now a good understanding of matter on the scale of single atoms. Many interesting physical effects as well as key materials properties depend, however, crucially on the collective behaviour of a huge number of atoms. A major challenge for mathematics, theoretical physics and materials science is to make rigorous and efficient connections between the atomistic description and collective effects. The purpose of this interdisciplinary program is to identify and study key problems where mathematics can provide new insights.

Confirmed participants are:
Antonio DeSimone (SISSA, Trieste)
Laszlo Erdös (LMU Munich)
Gero Friesecke (TU Munich)
Jozsef Fritz (Budapest)
Alessandro Giuliani (Rome III)
Roman Kotecky (Prague/Warwick)
Michael Ortiz (Caltech)
Errico Presutti (Rome II)