Information on Apartments

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You have received an invitation to visit the Hausdorff Institute, and the HIM Administrative Team offers assistance in finding accommodations. To facilitate the search for suitable living space and the reservation procedure, please read the following information.

General information

In Germany, apartments are generally let for a whole calendar month (unless otherwise specified). The measuring unit for apartments is "square meters" supplemented by information on the number of rooms. In this context, "rooms" are living room, bedroom(s), and study, e.g. all rooms except kitchen and bathroom /separate toilet.

What accommodations does Bonn University offer?

The Studentenwerk at Bonn University maintains two guest houses with small 1-room apartments (22-31 m², furnished with daybed or loft bed and kitchenette in a cupboard) and a few 2-room apartments (approx. 40 m²). Due to their booking policy, the Studentenwerk gives extremely short notification: You learn only four weeks prior to your arrival if they can accommodate you!
Studentenwerk guest houses

Besides the Studentenwerk, the University Club offers single rooms, double rooms and apartments (with 2 rooms). Although monthly rents are quite high, they seldom have a vacancy.

The public housing market in Bonn

On the public housing market, furnished accommodations that are centrally located are rare and costly. You should be prepared to pay rents between EUR 500 for a small studio apartment (i.e. combined living-/bedroom) and EUR 1500 and more for a 2- or 3-room-apartment (i.e. living room + 1 or 2 bedrooms). In addition, you must expect extra costs for electricity, telephone/internet charges and TV/radio. Unfortunately, proprietors often prefer tenants who stay for a longer period (6-12 months). For links to external providers, see list attached below.


Independent of the source of accommodations you choose (University, HIM, public housing market), reservations are binding as soon as you have emailed or faxed your acceptance of an offer. You might be charged a cancellation fee of up to one month’s rent if, at a later date, you change or cancel your reservation. Consequences for minor changes in your arrival/departure dates are usually negligible, i.e. assuming the apartment is available on those days.

What HIM can offer

To improve our guests&rsquo chances of finding suitable accommodations at reasonable prices, HIM manages a pool of centrally located furnished apartments of differing sizes. The rents include all extra costs e.g. for water, electricity, heating, etc. Only telephone calls will be charged separately. Guests include primarily HIM Trimester Program participants as well as guests from the HCM Research Areas.

A security deposit must be paid prior to arrival, regardless of the length of stay. The first month’s rent is also due prior to arrival, thereafter at the beginning of each month. Payment can be made either in cash or by bank transfer: details are in the lease, which must be signed and returned to HIM prior to your arrival.

The apartments are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Contact HIM Housing Officer for information and exposés:

Apartments in Bonn on a big map

External providers: Hotels and other accommodations in Bonn

This list is not exhaustive. HIM assumes no responsibility for the content, accuracy or actuality of the following selection of public websites.