HIM Junior Trimester Program on

Differential Geometry

September - December 2011

The idea of Junior Trimester Programs: A Junior Hausdorff Trimester Program (Junior HTP) gives young scientists (PostDocs, Junior Faculty) the chance to spend a period of 4 months at HIM in Bonn to carry out collaborative research in small groups. The organization of workshops during this period is encouraged. There will be the possibility to suggest further participants from outside and senior scientists for talks or a mini course.

Junior Trimester Program in Differential Geometry: We are looking for applications from groups of scientists who intend to collaborate on a project within this area or from individuals. Individual applicants should be open to joint projects with other participants. The program has a capacity of about 30 positions, so that we can have several smaller groups at the same time. Interaction between these groups is expected to be very fruitful. The stay in Bonn is fully financed by HIM so that the participants can apply for leave from their home institution.

Planned activities: