HIM Junior Semester Program

Computational Mathematics

February - April 2008

The following groups and themes were approved:

Group A: MIP-PDE: Solving discrete-continuous nonlinear optimal control problems with linear mixed-integer programming techniques
Workshop: download program

Group B: Adaptive computational stochastic partial differential equations
Workshop: Efficiency in and Modeling with Computational Stochastic Partial Differential Equations

Group C: Numerical discretization methods for differential inclusions and applications to robust optimal control problems
Workshop: Set-valued Numerical Analysis and Robust Optimal Control

Group D: Numerical methods in molecular simulation

Group E: Extreme geometric structures

Extra activity:

organized by Carsten Carstensen

Group F: Adaptive nonstandard finite element schemes

If you are interested in activities during the semester program, contact one of the participants or the Director of HIM, Prof. Dr. Matthias Kreck.